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Are you suffering from writer’s block? Are you looking for literary inspiration? Join us in a journey of creative writing in which you will ignite your imagination through the free-writing technique. Beginners are welcome.

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“-Was the workshop facilitated as you expected?
-No. It was actually much better. I thought I would be listening more and being told the best way to do things. Instead, I felt I could develop my own way.”

Deb Wager

“Alex is amazing. She brought me into fiction from a non-fiction background, reawakening something I had not done since I was a child. She is fun, authentic, a really delightful person. I highly recommend her workshop. I would love to know Spanish because I would love to read her published works.”

Cathy Wield

“(This was) one of those experiences where I thought I got much more than my money’s worth! I thank Alex to be a great teacher.”

Ian Mair





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